Untested Address

Untested Address is an open-ended platform for in-progress work including poetry, unpredictable improv games, moon absorptions and short experimental lectures. The physical space for Untested Address is drawn on the small UMM patio by copper metal pipes, creating a malleable platform for circulatory systems of the creative process.

Untested Address #1 [2016]: Herbst, Popp, van Dyck and Entropy under the full moon

The first Untested Address event took place during UMM’s opening on Tuesday, December 13, starting at 7pm under the full moon, and featured Nancy Popp, Robby Herbst, Stephen van Dyck and post-election poems curated by Janice Lee, Executive Director of Entropy magazine. More…

Untested Address#2 [2017]: Kerney, Lee, Liu

The second Untested Address event took place on Saturday, February 4th, featuring in-progress and performative work by Douglas Kearney, Kenji Liu and Janice Lee. More…