UMM #7: [2017] PST LA/LA @ Klowden Mann Gallery

From October 21 – November 11, 2017, UMM presented an art exhibition and event series at Klowden Mann Gallery in Culver City, California. The exhibition included works from UMM’s Impermanent Collection, a Participatory Project, and a series of Untested Address events by diverse artists and writers.

Untested Address Events

On three consecutive Saturdays, UMM presented the following guests at Klowden Mann Gallery:

October 28: José Alvergue, Fabián Cereijido, Cognate Collective, Alana de Hinojosa, Jacobo Sefamí
November 4: Jessica Ceballos Campbell, Kristin Cerda, Adriana Johnson, Laura Vena, Semi-tropic Spiritualists
November 11: Los Angeles Road Concerts (Radical Welcome)

Impermanent Collection

On display in the gallery throughout UMM’s Klowden Mann exhibition were works from UMM’s Impermanent Collection, comprised of works made from 90% almost-dumped landfill materials and outmoded media collected from neighbors. These works channel the collective memory of a time, highlighting the importance of this historical moment which will likely be remembered as the end of the mechanical era. As obsolete media awkwardly articulates failure, out of sync but in its own rhythm, analog time rubs slowly and imprecisely against our digital landscape.

Participatory Project

And tossing and turning and is a participatory project by Mariangeles Soto-Díaz. As with previous projects sponsored by UMM, this work draws on materials collected from UMM’s local neighborhood, in this case from residents responding to the question “What recent news headline has caused you to lose sleep?” Soto-Díaz collected the responses to create an installation using bedsheets also from the neighborhood, as a way to capture the affective dimension of our current political moment.