The Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum (UMM) is an artist-run project space with a peculiar sensibility conceived as an intervention in suburban Irvine, California. As a local experiment intended to decentralize circulation of contemporary practices, UMM integrates the sensory, poetic, political and affective dimensions of the everyday. UMM’s mission is to provide a shifting creative platform for contemporary art through exhibitions and events in a community setting. UMM is a space made visible by iteration over time, a way to simultaneously render and erase the lines dividing private and public, quotidian life and art, a house becoming art space and an art space welcoming neighbors, but not always. UMM is irregular, kaleidoscopic and puzzling. It is conceived, run and directed by artist Mariángeles Soto-Díaz. 


If you wish to join the mailing list, put a white flag on your window. If that doesn’t work, please email msotodiaz [at ] alum [dot ] calarts [dot ] edu with the subject line “UMM mailing list.”


You may support UMM by making a tax-deductible donation via its fiscal sponsor, Fulcrum Arts.



The all media gallery [AM] is host to works using slow, old, new or news media, glitchy, error-driven work, experimental collaborative works, and analog-digital hybrids.


The fireplace gallery [F] has ashes of other F galleries, and is curated around ideas of affect and that which animates ordinary life, text as material, fire, hearth, wood/ash, and potentially incendiary issues, in no particular order.


The powder room gallery [PR] honors the spirit of Antonieta Sosa, Judy Chicago, Marcel Duchamp, Piero Manzoni and Sherrie Levine’s work by showing contemporary art based on grooming rituals, detritus, and works that use the bathroom as a stage.


Q: What is the Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum?
A: It’s an artist-run contemporary art space and project.

Q: Can you explain UMM’s mission?
A: UMM focuses on using contemporary art, in a suburban context, as a catalyst for exploring infrapolitics. Understood as an everyday mode of resistance, infrapolitics here offers an alternative to hegemonic and homogenizing notions of political action. Understated, we think of infrapolitics as a movement infiltrating the status quo over time. It occupies a zone of politics that is not as easily recognizable as such. Infrapolitics, in Moreiras’ words, is an “attempt to determine, even to thematize, the conditions under which an alternative conception of the political could perhaps become manifest.” UMM is also conceived as a feminist space materializing through the practice of knitting the functional logic of domestic, civic and cultural threads.

Q: Why the name? 
A: UMM came out of a need to re-imagine the idea of the museum with its museum-going-public to make an artist-run domestic space embedded in the neighborhood, one that becomes visible through iteration.

Q: Who supports the Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum?
A: UMM is a labor of love and has yet to receive any grants, but donations are welcome and tax deductible via Fulcrum Arts’ Emerge fiscal sponsorship program, which offers organizations the ability to seek funding and provides guidance by an established non-profit.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Roughly, we are located 40 + miles South of Los Angeles County, in the middle of a county with a deceptively colorful name: