UMM #1: Deleget, Besemer/Suderburg and Museum of Beyond

UMM’s inaugural exhibitions opened on December 6, 2014 featuring work by Matthew Deleget, Linda Besemer / Erika Suderburg and The Museum of Beyond.

During the opening reception, anyone who shared a sense of injustice and sadness around the recent cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner was invited to participate in a meditative, conceptual monochrome painting project sponsored by UMM, titled “Light to Dark Brown: A Meditation on Brown and All Browns.”

F Gallery


Matthew Deleget
Third World Democracy [ 2014 ]
Enamel Spray Paint On Wooden Panels

Fresh from the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Matthew Deleget is deeply committed to a pluralistic approach. In his studio, he merges painting with conceptual, process, and installation strategies. For Deleget, it is important to make work in the most direct, matter-of-fact manner possible — no novelties, gimmicks, or tricks. He is more interested in the idea of painting than the process. Paint is applied as if painting a fence, color is used straight out of the tube. He is decidedly unromantic about this process. It is all a means to an end.

For his project with UMM, Deleget presents a new broken-panel monochrome painting informed by the recent events of the Arab Spring and the United States’ unsustainable militaristic policies in the Middle East over the past decade. The painting is made of industrial enamel spray paint on wooden panels that are then repeatedly hit with a hammer until the meticulous surfaces are splintered apart and broken open.

AM Gallery


Linda Besemer / Erika Suderburg / Survival Tower Films
STRIP [ 2007 ]

Video Projection:
6:50 Loop
Single Channel:
(LP) version 7:13
(Single) version 4:03

A playful rave trance glitch riff on experimental animation fabricated without animation. STRIP utilizes painting trimmings and mobilizes them in a skewed homage to the fanciful worlds of early Hans Richter, Oscar Fischinger and Musique Concrete, and 60’s Color Field Painting. The static is sent packing in a frenzy of temporal excess and repetition accompanied by the sounds of its own launch.

STRIP has been screened in museums and festivals around the world, and won a prize at the 2007 Corcoran Gallery / Washington Project for the Arts, Experimental Media Series ColorField Remix

PR Gallery


Museum of Beyond
A Present from the Pacific [ 2014 ]

The Museum of Beyond [ ] in collaboration with Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum, invites the neighborhood to collect colorful plastic pieces found in local beaches by the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, USA. Items will be carefully curated during the course of the exhibit to create “A Present From The Pacific.”

The oil used to make plastics is derived almost entirely from the compressed buried remains of microscopic, aquatic algae and bacteria. Energy from the sun, which nurtured the growth of these tiny organisms millions of years ago, has been converted into the liquid energy on which we rely to fuel our 21st century lifestyles. Although global fossil fuel consumption continues to grow, the supplies of fossil fuels are finite. Precious oil reserves used for mass-producing billions of plastic items every day (many of which are single use), contribute to global climate change in their production and use, and will last indefinitely in the natural environment. Plastics, like diamonds, are forever…

Opening Reception Photos