Untested Address: Herbst, Popp, van Dyck, Entropy under the full moon

The first Untested Address event took place during UMM’s opening on Tuesday, December 13, starting at 7pm under the full moon, and featured Nancy Popp, Robby Herbst, Stephen van Dyck and post-election poems curated by Janice Lee, Executive Director of Entropy magazine.

Entropy is an online literary magazine and community.
“Post-election” is a selection of poems curated by Janice Lee, the Executive Editor of Entropy.

Robby Herbst is an interdisciplinary cultural organizer. His writing and artworks engage with contemporary and historic experiments in socio-political aesthetics. In 2016 he will have completed the public project New New Games a series of tournaments and encounters held in California’s Bay Area with the support of Southern Exposure and the Headlands Center For The Arts. He is co-founder and former editor of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, as well as the instigator of the geographically sited critical-landscape projects of the Llano Del Rio Collective.

Stephen van Dyck is an LA-based writer, artist and educator. Since 2008 Stephen has organized the Los Angeles Road Concerts, all-day arts events of over 200 LA artists and locals re-imagining unused public space along the entire lengths of LA’s very long streets with site-specific installations, performances, discussions and curbside happenings. Other recent projects include Customer Care on KChung Radio, where Stephen converses with debt collectors about his and their personal lives, and “People I’ve Met from the Internet,” a conceptual memoir in the form of a very long annotated list.

Nancy Popp is a LA-born and based artist, educator and organizer. Her work draws upon the rich traditions of durational, corporeal performance and political intervention to explore relations between body as site, the context of site that envelopes the body, and the constant fluctuations connecting the two. Popp’s practice engages both architectural and public space to wrestle with political and social boundaries of geography and identity through risky, playful, endurance-based performance interventions. Her work has been featured worldwide in venues such as MOCA Los Angeles, the Getty Center, Orange County Museum of Art, the 2011 Istanbul Biennial, the 2014 Dallas Biennial and many non-profits, galleries and public spaces in Belgrade, Düsseldorf, Tijuana, Buenos Aires, London and Berlin. Popp writes for various magazines and websites on art, education and politics.