Visible Signs

Visible Signs is UMM’s initiative to underscore progressive civic activity on the streets with the presence of colorful hand-made signs and slogans. Through this initiative, UMM organizes and hosts sign-making parties, accepts sign-making commissions and provides materials for private sign-making parties. Animated by the living history of autocratic regimes in the Americas, Visible Signs underscores the ability to express dissent as profoundly patriotic and as a crucial element of any healthy democracy. 

On May 19, 2018, UMM participated with youth from three different high schools to host a silkscreen signmaking booth at the Pico Block Party organized by 18th Street Arts in Los Angeles. Many thanks to participating youth and to Jan Williamson, Sue Bell Yank, Anuradha Vikram and everyone else at 18th Street Arts.

Please get in touch for details and future events.